Allen Snyder

Allen brings 30 years of management experience in the high tech sector to his current role as CEO of Aepona LTD.  Formerly Allen was the President and Chief Executive Officer of Carrier Access  Corporation until the company was sold on February 8th 2008 to Turin Networks.  Prior to this Allen served as Chief Operating Officer for Openwave Systems Inc., and was responsible for all product development and customer facing operations.   

Before joining Openwave, Allen served as Senior Vice President Oracle Support Services, Americas. Prior to Oracle, he was Vice President of Operations, Worldwide Customer Services at Digital Equipment Corporation.   Allen attended the USAF CC and Northeastern University’s Executive Management Development program. 

Throughout his management career, Allen has espoused a model of balancing Faith, Family and Work for himself and his employees, in an effort to bring and keep families together, despite the pressures and conflicts that are inherent to the workplace in the High Tech sector.  Having raised four children of his own, Allen also has the experience to guide and coach the leaders and mentors participating in the OFC ministry.  Allen has actively participated in the development of the vision, mission, purpose and objectives that have set the foundation for the creation of OFC. 


Lenae Scott

Lenae brings a wealth of ministry experience and prayful support to OFC.  She has served in multiple functions within the church and parachurch ministries. 
Outside of work, Lenae shares a passion for the God and family with her husband David, and his three children. 

Tommy Snyder

Tommy brings his wide range of video and biblical knowledge to OFC. Tommy is currently the Director of Photography at where he creates original content and brings it to life through film. Working in a  majority secular environment Tommy balances the secular workspace with a love for Christ and loving people to the best of his ability.  Outside of work Tommy and his lovely wife Reagan share a passion for adventure and photography. Tommy served as an intern for OFC multiple summers and has actively participated in the vision, mission, purpose and objectives that have set the foundation for the creation of OFC

Jenny Snyder

Jenny is a devoted steward in Christ here on Earth. Jenny has been blessed with a passion for youth and has been involved in numerous youth ministries since the early 2000’s.  Growing up in Germany, Jenny was very involved in her local youth group and took a role as a student leader, both in her local church and at Sprachcamp, which comingled German and American youth through a week of serving God and creating a multicultural experience. Jenny has also served in the mission fields of Romania, Hungry, and Northwest Colorado. In addition to helping administrate a family business, Jenny enjoys the blessing of raising a family with her husband and their two boys.

Greg Meyer

Greg brings over 20 years of experience in the high tech sector to his current role as Head of Artifical Intelligence, Ecosystem at Accenture.  Greg also serves as President of Outfitters for Christ. Greg has owned and operated his own development company, served as a leader of donor-supported businesses along with supporting and participating on the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Athletic Board. Throughout his career, Greg has built his life towards and around a model of value-based ethics and leadership that has exposed missing values in the boardrooms of the world.  Through this understanding, Greg focuses his efforts towards creating God-fulfilled lives alongside the men who lead their families and companies of all sizes.  Raising 3 children of his own, Greg also has the experience to guide and coach the future leaders through both his high-tech occupation and his ministry work

Ali is currently a student at the University of Northern Colorado. She graduated with her bachelor's degree in communication with a minor in media studies in 2018.  She is currently pursuing a graduate degree in communication. Ali grew up with OFC and continues to use her communication skills to share her faith with peers and the youth that she serves. Ali has a passion to show people the love of Christ through her actions and values. 

Ali Meyer

Sam’s leadership within the nonprofit community began as a freshman in college when he founded and chaired the Indiana University Chapter of Ducks Unlimited.  He has remained instrumental in that organization and currently serves as Area Chairman of the Denver Ducks Unlimited Chapter; where he leads efforts to organize the most successful fundraising event for DU throughout North America.  Trusting in God’s plan, Sam transferred home after his freshman year and attended Colorado State University where he was able to frequently visit and work at the Fish and Cross Ranch as a hunting guide and ranch hand.  Sam graduated from Colorado State University with a Masters of Accountancy and works as a Senior Associate with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Denver.  As a confirmed member of the Catholic Faith, Sam has shown a dedication to Christ since childhood.  Sam is excited about the opportunity to apply his financial and nonprofit knowledge and experience to help further the mission of OFC and teach the Cowboy Code of the West while spreading the word of Christ.

Sam Wigand