Riding for the Brand

The unspoken rule that most people hold in the life is centered around what we will stand and fight for and what we won’t. Plenty of scientist attribute this to the “flight or fight” instinct that is a part of human nature. This “instinct” is developed over a lifetime.  It tells us that the stove is hot, or the part of a particular situation is not good to be in, or that we can not trust someone because we were taken advantage of in the past. Needless to say, there are plenty of things that define our lives in terms of what we treasure and what we do not.

Cowboys also have this same approach to life, but it comes in the form of the brand you ride for.  This brand is more then an imprint in cattle or horses, it actually is soul-defining.  The brand a cowboy rides for is what they will protect at all costs. If their buddy is poking fun at the brand, the cowboy will be the first to defend it. If someone is trying to hurt the brand or something or someone who comes under that brand, the cowboy will take the needed action. Off the ranch, this may be defined as ones own family and ensuring that the family crest or name is honored.


The question in is then, how do I Ride for the Brand?

I fully believe that God has branded each of us.  He has written His name on each of our hearts.  He has given us to a greater purpose and vision.  That purpose may be tackling the corporate world or tackling a running back.  Wherever God has placed you, whatever you are doing right now, it is all a part of His greater plan.

Being part of something greater then yourself is what defines Riding for the Brand. But, it also calls for action and engagement. That to me poses the question that needs answered: What will you do to Ride for the Brand?  Perhaps you are in the middle of raising your kids, or growing your career and that solves the action part of Riding, but is that Riding for the Brand or is it riding for yourself?

Over the course of the next several months, I will come back to discuss and share some more thoughts here, but for now, look deeply into the things that matter for you and see if they align to where God has you right now.  You have to know where you are starting from or you will miss the ride.

See you on the trail,

The OFC team