The Map

We are joined on the trail today by Greg Meyer, president of the ministry. 

What do you use a map for? Usually we think of buried treasure, or the paper road map that is hidden beneath the seat of your car. What if we had a map that contained exactly where we were supposed to go in life, who we were to be employed by, who we were going to lead and who we were going to be led by, how to raise our children, how to be married and be the best husband or wife we can be. Oh, how simple life would be if only God would let us have a little peek at the map.

What if…

Fortunately for us we have been given a map in the Bible.  I believe that, but I also believe that that map has many areas not visible as we let the world clog, smear and obscure what God has clearly laid out. I find, for myself that I have this head knowledge.  I find that I ask myself if I  can convince my heart, I can embrace that and live free.  But then the worldly side of me creeps in and robs that life.  The self imposed pressure to be successful and drive for more, the pressure I exert to raise my children, the pressure I impose to try and be a better husband.

That pressure creates so much rub on my map that the lines become blurry and I lose my way.  The path is suddenly unclear and I end up wondering. It probably is not so different than the Israelites (at least figuratively).  The journey from Egypt to the promised land was a 13-day journey, but it took forty years to travel that short distance.  In the journey, lessons of dependence and focus on what each day contains was pushed to the forefront in order to survive. There were many problems and hardships, but the Isrealites made it.  The “made it” is filled with more battles, decisions and trials, but that is for a different day.

The focus for now is to grab ahold of your map and begin to trust the path and the journey.  I am in the process of doing the same thing right now.  As I am looking out at life from the back of a horse, I can see God at work and feel Him moving.  It is going to be a journey and one that will not seem clear on many days.  It is one that will require each of us to dive into our own personal vision and maintain that over our lifetime.  In the next several posts, I will look at how you allow God to establish that vision and then use it as the North Star for your journey.

Cowboys have ways of reading the land and begin willing to work in tandem with their horse to navigate long roads, lonely places and hard travel to get the job done.  As they embark on their daily ride they saddle up with the realization that each passing tree, each turn in the road contains God’s fullness, possible trials and hardships, and needed steps to complete the work at hand.

Saddle up and let’s get to the trail, God is waiting for each of us there.