Welcome to the Trail

Welcome to the trail, we are so excited you are along for the ride! Outfitters for Christ (OFC) was started with the vision of raising up 20,000 Christian Leaders rooted in Biblical ethics and values, and trained in the Cowboy Way to enable cultural change.

We believe that we are called by God to supply experiences, tools and resources that equip a person’s journey through life.  The ministry is focused on youth from ages 8-24 years of age. We utilize Fish and Cross Ranch to create experiences for true Cowboy adventures, while building in biblical training as the foundation for sharing the Code of the West.  The Code in and of itself provides a baseline of values that starts the process of refining an individual’s own Code of Conduct.

OFC focuses on a Life Journey curriculum that has been developed over the last eight years through cooperation with churches and Christian organizations at youth camps, focus groups and retreats held at the ranch.

We offer 3 different programs for youth including:

  • Foundation Series: (8-12 year olds) This focuses on building core foundations around their faith and their relationship to their Heavenly Father.
  • Developmental Series: (13-18 year olds)  This is about understanding the concepts of “identity in Christ” and how to live for that brand.
  • Launch Series: (18-24 year olds) This series focuses on providing tools for young adults to grow in their understanding of who God says they are and enable them to walk confidently in their personal identity rooted in Christ.

Beyond these programs, we invite families to push pause on overly-busy lives and embrace time with God and their family while they do life as the Cowboy did.

OFC uses a combination of the Cowboy Code of the West intertwined with Biblical concepts and engagement models that parents can use with their children and that children can use through each stage of their lives.

Culturally, we have lost the deep values and codes of conduct that are woven throughout the Bible. OFC exists to be the Outfitting Guides for families and youth to find their way back to what was lost and then integrate that into their lives going forward.

Join us as we discuss the code of the west and biblical values through the Cowboy Way.

See you on the trail!