2018 Hopes and Dreams

As the calendar turns another year, our hearts wait expectantly.  In a season of cold and snow, where things have died-off for the winter, we wait.  Hebrews 11:1 rings so true knowing the even in a season of cold, God is at work in preparing all things to be made new.  He is shaping our faith and molding our perspectives. Yet, we sit in confidence of our hope, assured that what we can not see right now is at work and being made ready for its appearance at the right time.

We want to share what is on our heart for this next year. We ask that you pray with us and for us to be able to dream big and live big as we serve a big God. Casting a vision for the next season on the trail, we see great hope as God will bring those people that need a safe place to walk with God and a thin place to feel His Holy Spirit move.  The vision for 2018 is of a person leaning just enough off the edge of a cliff to the point that there is no turning back, leaning so far that you can't catch yourself, but trusting that God will catch you.  With this mental picture, we begin the ride for 2018.

Here are a few updates:

  • Logistically we are excited about the direction that the Lord is taking the ministry in 2018. We are finalizing the new curriculum and we look forward to sharing how each person can start creating their own "Cowboy Code" this summer.
  • The rebranding process is in full swing and is built off the Cowboy Way and Code of the West, and we are excited to use the heritage of Fish and Cross Ranch to teach these principles. Look for more to come here in our blog posts and the website.
  • We are specifically praying that God will bring interns and a new operations director to the ranch for the summer season. If you know of people who would be interested, please reach out with an email to gmeyer@outfittersforchrist.org.
  • We are praying for opportunities to continue to serve “at-risk youth” in the local community and communities around the nation. Our focus is to pour into the lives of those who cross our trail here at the ranch and provide materials that can be used long into a person's Life Journey
  • We pray for our current partners and for new partnerships as we enter this year. Please reach out to use if there is interest or you know of groups we should talk with.
  • We pray for donors who want to support instilling Western Heritage and legacy values outlined in the Code of the West.

We have set a goal for the summer season to follow wholeheartedly wherever the Lord leads us and look to serve over 80 kids and their families this summer! 

In each one of these areas we need partners, donors, pray warriors and fans to lift us up. We ask you to continue to pray with us and for us this next year. We are so excited about the new opportunities that the Lord is faithful to provide. Please join with us in watching for "God-moments" on the ranch and expecting His life changing grace and Holy Spirit to be at work. 

See you on the trial!