Know where to draw the line

A life well lived can only come through a life lived with purpose.  

I wonder if that is the measure that God leads us to when he is asking us to "drop our nets and follow Him because He will make use fishers of men"?

I would submit that a great deal of how God uses a man comes from the way that the man uses what he has been given in the world.  I am not referring to the number of possessions, of even spiritual giftedness, rather the heart that is brought to the table every day and in every way.  

God has the incredible way to blow our lives up in such a way that we can not help but step back and be in awe of what He is doing.  

Now, that sounds amazing, but it is crazy scary and so big that a man can't take it all in during any given 24 hours of a day.  Rather, it takes years to understand why we are brought from to the mountain tops and then to our knees.  Sometimes in the same day.  

So what do you do each day to live a full life worthy of the inheritance that God has so gracefully given to us through the death and resurrection of His son Jesus Christ?

I believe that today it takes a solid understanding of where you come from, where you are going, and what you are willing to do and not to do.  

Unpacking that a bit: you have to dig deeply into the foundation you have built your world on.  Being willing to remove the crumbling stones and place in the new pieces that will not crumble even in the biggest of storms.  Step 1 would be to evaluate and then improve the base package of your journey (spirit, mind, and body).

Step 2 focuses on where you are going.  How you set your sights every day will drive every behavior and decision you make.  The question then is, what is the one thing that you are going to do today that keeps your sights where they should be?  If God tells us to "not turn to the right or left, but rather keep our focus ahead because the journey is long and the road is narrow.  Wide is the path that leads to destruction, but narrow is the path to everlasting life", this helps us to know where to draw the line.  If it is not bringing us to a closer relationship with God, going against His Word or tearing down our faith or robbing us of hope, then get away from it!  Know your limits by knowing yourself.  

True to a good country dance, the 2-step, a person can set course daily by grabbing hold of the truths above.  Know where you came from and where you are going and what lines you will not cross.  This can help you live out your calling, your mission, your job, you life if a manner that glorifies God.