Work Week at Fish and Cross Ranch

Hear an update from the summer director, Jenai Kostenko, about work week at Fish and Cross Ranch and a special thanks to all those who came out to help. 


We want to give you an update on our praises and victories after seven days of working hard this week on the ranch to prepare for the summer ahead. Many volunteers came to serve Fish & Cross ranch by cooking, cleaning, building, or babysitting.

Work week is intended to give back to the Snyder Family for the hospitality and stewardship that Fish & Cross Ranch offers Outfitters for Christ, and all of the amazing groups that come through during the summer. We feel so valued and welcomed as a ministry, and it wouldn’t be possible if it were not for the patience, love, and support that Al and Teresa Snyder have for us. It is an honor to carry out their vision for ministry here on the land that God has given them.

We would like to praise and thank Ron and Joan Meyer for their service of tractor driving and cooking during the week to help the ranchers, and to feed the volunteers and staff here as they work hard. Nick Meyer, their son, and his three daughters Ashlyn, Megan, and Kenna also came. During the week, they were all so eager to help and complete any chores or projects that were given to them. The girls also helped the staff by babysittying and caring for our ranch kiddos. It is a joy to see young people who value hard work, and I know that we could not have done it without them.
A special shout out goes to Eric Wygand, who did a tremendous job this week with numerous building projects. The biggest project he completed was finishing the deck at the lodge. It took him so long, but he powered thorugh without one complaint, and definitely impressed us with his expertise. Eric will be staying through the following week to help lead the Boy Scout group that is coming in for Outfitters for Christ. He has a lot of knowledge for the boys, and we are excited to see how God uses him.
Lastly, the Outfitters for Christ staff is a tremendous victory this year, and we are in awe of how the Lord provided this amazing group of people. Their work ethic and consideration for the ranch, the family, and the cowboy code are proving to be a blessing already.

We are immensily thankful for a successful week of service, and praise God for His hand in it all. To Him be the glory and let us continue to use our hands and feet to serve him!

Please be praying for the Boy Scouts from Chattanooga, TN to come in safely, and that their experience here would mark their hearts and their lives for eternity. Please pray against fear, exhaustion, and lies. God is doing good things, and we give Him the full power to work through us. 

~ Jenai