Raising the Next Generation

By: Greg Meyer

As I sit in a unique place in the world where I get to observe the corporate world, the non-profit world, and live life as an elder inside my local church; it has provided me with the ability to gauge what really matters.

As I sit in this place I have taken stock of what I believe we can contribute to help curb what appears to be an ever-increasing demise of core values and ethics within our boardrooms, our homes, and just about everywhere in between.  I have sat with the knowledge for a while now and I bet most of you reading this have seen the same things happening. 

It really made me consider what can I do.  What is my role in all of this?  How do I engage and what do I do to help? What role does God want me to play in this?  Certainly it is not as a Monday morning quarterback.  It can not be that I was just supposed to mention a few words about how things are going in the world, shake my head and then go on with my day job.  So I began looking for what my job is. In the bible John talks about judgment day.  He actually just calls it the day.  That is the day when everyone is called to account for his or her life.  At first read, that scared me cause I have not always rode the right trails in life and many times have been up some pretty bad creeks.  But I dug in and listened. Judgement Day is not about my sins or the things I have done in the past, because Christ died once for all.  Praise Jesus!  No, Judgement Day is about what I did with the talents that God gave me.  How did I use my mind, body and soul to serve Him and the Church.  How did I follow the only law that Christ gave, to love Him and love others? In Luke, Christ states that He came to fulfill the Law but then gave us a command. That command is to Love our Neighbor as ourselves. 

Summing up, we are all heading towards a meeting with God where we will have to report out on how well we loved our neighbors, using the skills and talents God gave us. 


If you feel a bit of burning in your heart, that is God stirring you.  Hold on to that! 

What you do with it matters.  I would like to point that feeling in a direction. 

Let’s pour what we have learned and who we are into the next generation.  Give them all your tools and skills that you have accumulated, so that they can be better equipped then we were.  Help them, guide them, teach them. 

All you have gained in this life can not be taken with you.  It only matters how you use what you have been given now, in this life. 

Get busy giving to the one thing that can survive us and contribute to building God’s Church here on earth.  That is the kids. 

Here at OFC, we want to arm you with the tools and experiences to intentionally pour into children.  We are making changes and shifting our operations by formulating curriculum and expanding the reach of our work.  We will still very much tie our adventures to Fish and Cross Ranch in Colorado where we all get to live like Cowboys and Cowgirls while learning to establish a Code to live by.  In addition, we are looking to carry our message to the ends of the earth.  It is my belief that the world is in need of people to speak into the lives of children and to mentor them.  My goal is to give you some of those tools. 

We need your help.  We need you to engage with us, with you family, with your church and within your businesses. 

Please reach out and we can plug you in to what we have going on and how you can be part of taking that message forward. 

Saddle up folks.  The days aren’t getting any longer.