Summer 2018 Wrap Up and Prayer Requests

By: Jenai Kostenko - Summer 2018 Director

Welcome back to the trail, we are so excited you are along for the ride! 

Outfitters for Christ (OFC) wanted to take some time to reflect on this past summer. Earlier in the year, during the winter season, this ministry eagerly awaited the work that God was going to do as He prepared a new season, a season of life and a season that was built up from the cold. We sat in the confidence of our hope as we planned for multiple kids to come and experience God’s hand in their lives. We had prayed that God would bring those who need a safe place to walk with God and a thin place to feel His Holy Spirit move. Let me assure you, that that prayer was answered. Fish and Cross Ranch is such a unique place for someone to experience the creator, it is a place that requires trust in the Lord as you do things that are challenging and growing. 

This summer, five different groups came along for the ride and got to experience the Cowboy Code of the West and grow in their relationship with the Lord as Outfitters for Christ poured into these groups with spiritual truth and experiential learning activities that point back to the message of Christ. It was amazing to watch these kids break down their walls and open a space for vulnerability. God had everyone there this summer for a purpose, and it encouraged all of us to see the kids accept the invitation and walk through the open door willingly, to change the broad path that they were walking on into a narrow path that leads to life. 

The summer groups included: the Boy Scouts from Chattanooga, TN, the Local Yampa Youth from Colorado, Willow Point Baptist Church from Shreveport, LA, Broadmoor Baptist Church from Shreveport, LA, and Focus on the Family Colorado Adventure. We are thankful for each group, and we are amazed at how God orchestrated each week to perfectly fit the needs of each group. 

Many kids took a step and shared their stories with one another, and gave the Lord control over what they had been through and what they will go through in the future. The kids told God their deepest burdens, and nailed those things to a cross in front of one another. It was powerful to watch. On top of that, it was great to watch kids act courageously as they experienced riding a horse for the first time, and participated in challenging team work activities. Seeing an outpour of love and intentionality amongst everyone as values, hard work, teamwork, and trust were taught throughout the week undoubtedly proved to us that God’s hand was orchestrating this entire summer. 

After this summer, we are continuing to pray for everyone who came. On behalf of Outfitters for Christ, we are certain that our faith grew as we watched the summer unfold. We are thankful for the Holy Spirit who led us and strengthened us as we prepared for each group to come. We are thinking about you all as you enter the Fall season, and we look forward to re-connecting with you as we plan what is ahead. 

Below are specific things to be praying for: 

* Prayer for direction and vision as the 2019 summer is being prayed for and planned for. 

* We are specifically praying for God to bring up faithful interns to help lead this ministry during the summer and dedicate themselves to growing in their own relationship with the Lord. 

* We are praying for opportunities to continue to serve “at-risk youth” in the local community and communities around the nation. Our focus is to pour into the lives of those who cross our trail here at the ranch and provide materials that can be used long into a person's life journey. 

* We pray for our current partners and for new partnerships to enter this year.